Lisa Brown

Nurse turned supported living property developer

Hello, it’s great to see you here!

I’m a nurse turned property developer, after encountering problems developing property for supported living I set out on a mission to understand supported living property and I want to help you understand it too.

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About Lisa

Lisa trained as a nurse and always planned to be a nurse.  Her 23 year nursing career was spent in various settings including the Emergency Department, where she worked her way up to senior sister and Emergency Nurse Practitioner in a busy East London A&E and as a Health Visitor.  She loved the diversity of nursing roles and has seen the direct impact that quality of housing, or lack of housing, has on people’s health and wellbeing.

Why property investors need

to know about supported living

If you are looking to invest in property for the long term then I think you should consider supported living as a way of holding property. 

“There is a real shortage of quality supported living property, by working together, providers and property investors can create more homes for those in our society who need them most”

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