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Do you want to see if a site or property is suitable for supported living?

Would you like to understand supported living property better?

Are you a provider who would like to understand how to find property or
how to work with property investors?

Or would you simply like to spend an hour picking my brain about
supported living property? 

I occasionally offer consultancy calls over zoom so you can access time with me wherever you are.

I look forward to working with you.

I wanted to learn more about supported living in general to see if this is a strategy we wanted to utilise going forward within our property company. Lisa has definitely given us a great insight into everything supported living. I now know which direction to head in with some good base knowledge to take forward and use when reaching out and making connections. 

Thank you very much Lisa for your help, we’ll be in touch!

S Berry

You gave me so much clarity on the way forward for my plan and also the information you shared with me about current trends in the sector I am looking to operate in, and the way that the organisations work was excellent. It has saved me so much time and I don’t think I would have found even half of the information doing my own research.

Thank you so much for your time. I would recommend anyone to have a consultancy call with you, if they want to supercharge their progress and knowledge.

D Bell

Starting out on the property development ladder can be overwhelming and understanding the requirements and nuances for Supported Living is an additional challenge. Having the opportunity to put direct questions and concerns was invaluable. Not only did you help me understand how to move forward, you offered solutions to specific deals I hadn’t considered. Having another perspective is invaluable. I look forward future sessions, you are truly inspirational.

J Kemp

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