In this episode Carole Neales discusses why she is determined to deliver high quality property for the social housing sector and how having the right approach to developing supported living property is so important. She talks about developing property for tenants with a range of support needs. Carole shares some differences to consider when developing property for supported living rather than open market rental. She discusses the importance of location and having alternate exits when selecting a property for supported living.

Carole has over 15 years’ experience in the property arena, initially with RE/MAX in Worcestershire during which time she built relationships with various corporate clients trading multimillion pound properties in the UK and Europe. After the downturn in 2008 the focus changed and Carole subsequently moved to Greater Manchester where her company began offering complete turn-key, investment and portfolio building services to clients from around the globe. After many years Clearwater have found their niche developing smaller commercial conversions for their own portfolio and that of their investors ensuring clients are given every possible advantage to succeed in their personal investment journey. In the past 3 years Clearwater have completed 22 projects with a GDV of £6.16m. and as of December 2020 have a new project which is an office being converted to 12 flats currently under construction.

Clearwater are also heavily involved in the social housing sector with 50 units under contract and many more projects in flow helping to provide great housing and support to vulnerable adults across mainly Yorkshire and Greater Manchester, the most recent project being a pub conversion to 10 individual units with a support office on site , Clearwater now have approximately 35% of their projects allocated to the social housing sector to facilitate and ensure more investment is made into helping homeless and vulnerable adults both physically and mentally. Carole is also Co-Founder of Homies Property Community, a physical monthly meeting and online mastermind group designed to work with new investors.

Carole can be contacted instagram cpp_carole facebook @clearwaterpropertypartners

Lisa Brown became a property developer after her nursing career. She then discovered the need for supported living property and has been exploring the challenges and solutions, to create more homes for those with support needs, ever since.

Lisa has some limited availability for consultancy calls. If you would like to talk through anything discussed in the podcast, to explore how to work with supported living providers in your property business or if you are a supported living provider looking to understand property then please email

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