In this episode Kevin Whelan talks about how SSAS pensions can help you grow your wealth and how you can use money from your own or other peoples SSAS pension to fund your supported living development. This is an important lesson to help you understand how you can unlock this powerful resource that all small business owners can own.

Kevin Whelan has many years experience as a Financial Advisor and has developed WealthBuilders, a step by step process to help people create multiple streams of recurring income through this he has helped many people to become Financially Free and grow lasting wealth. He is an advocate for SSAS pensions and helps people unlock wealth held in their pensions.

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Lisa Brown became a property developer after her nursing career. She then discovered the need for supported living property and has been exploring the challenges and solutions, to create more homes for those with support needs, ever since.

Lisa has some limited availability for consultancy calls. If you would like to talk through anything discussed in the podcast, to explore how to work with supported living providers in your property business or if you are a supported living provider looking to understand property then please email

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