rIn this episode Trish McGirr talks about repossessions and what property investors can do to help property owners in debt and at risk of having their property repossessed. This is not strictly supported living but I hope you will forgive me adding this interview to the series as Trish is on such an important mission, I really wanted to share her message with all of you. Her message is clear by sensitively working with property owners in debt we can all help to prevent homelessness and suicide.

Trish McGirr was a nurse for 15 years, specialising in mental health and trauma and at one point was the youngest Clinical Nurse Specialist in the UK. She started her own consultancy and training business in 1999 and says she was ‘pretty clueless about business”.

In 2003 she started to buy property having read the book “Rich Dad, Poor Dad”, and it’s there that she found her niche, helping people facing repossession. Trish understands this as she has been there herself, “I was a senior nurse, I appeared to ‘have it all.’ The career, house, cars, holidays and the perfect marriage. It was a sham. My relationship was over, and the finances were shot to bits. When I divorced, the situation got worse. Much worse. With a 2-year-old son to support, I worked 2 jobs to make ends meet. Debt, mortgage arrears and emotional and physical burnout took their toll. And on a night when it became too much, I tried to take my own life. But this was my turning point. And although it took 10 years to get back on track, I can say my consulting and property business saved me.”

Trish now trains property investors how to handle sellers who are facing repossession, helping them to help people break free of despair and debt while still getting paid.



Trish McGirr

Lisa Brown became a property developer after her nursing career. She then discovered the need for supported living property and has been exploring the challenges and solutions, to create more homes for those with support needs, ever since.

Lisa has some limited availability for consultancy calls. If you would like to talk through anything discussed in the podcast, to explore how to work with supported living providers in your property business or if you are a supported living provider looking to understand property then please email hello@pebble-properties.co.uk

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