In this episode Chris Hatton and Lauren Blood talk about the 200 Lives Research project. They discuss their findings from interviewing people with learning disabilities about supported living and residential care. There are many useful learning points to take away from this episode whether you are a service provider or a property developer.

Chris Hatton is a Professor of Social Care at Manchester Metropolitan University, and has been involved in research with people with learning disabilities for over 30 years. He has mainly worked on evaluating policies and services relating to people with learning disabilities, and understanding the social, economic and health inequalities that people face.

Lauren Blood is a Research and Evaluation officer at the National Development Team for Inclusion, where she works on projects relating to inclusion and social change. She has experience conducting research in a range of contexts including healthcare, social care and universities. She is passionate about helping people to tell their stories.

Lisa Brown fell into property investing after a long nursing career. She initially developed heritage properties and then a chance encounter led her to discover supported living. She realised this was a powerful way to invest in property while creating homes for those who need them most.

Lisa set about discovering why property investors struggle to let their properties to supported living providers and why providers struggle to find property to let. She has been educating people, raising awareness and working on solutions to this problem ever since. Lisa is the host of the Supported Living Property Podcast and YouTube channel and hosts a Facebook Group where people can learn, network and discuss supported living.

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