In this Episode Caroline Marsh explains how, in lockdown, she went from being a property investor to setting up a service to support young people in care. She talks about the reality of setting up a service, the impact a service like this can have and gives some great advice for anyone looking to set up a support service of their own.

Caroline Marsh is Operations Director at Kingdom Youth Services (KYS), an outstanding CQC supported living service provider based in Swindon. Prior to this Caroline and her husband set up and ran a successful property investment business specializing in professional HMO’s, in lockdown in 2020 they decided to use some of her properties to help others and this resulted in them setting up a supported living service to support young people who are in care.

KYS vision is to inspire Individuals to a world of possibilities and prepare them to fulfil their potential. All individuals deserve the right to be supported and encouraged to explore their potential regardless of perceived hurdles and challenges. A core value of KYS is that life can be challenging, and things will & do go wrong, however falling forward is a mind set and getting things wrong is to be seen as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Kingdom Youth Services

Lisa became a property investor after a long nursing career. She initially developed heritage properties and then a chance encounter led her to discover supported living. She realized this was a powerful way to invest in property while creating homes for those who need them most.

Lisa set about discovering why property investors struggle to let their properties to supported living providers and why providers struggle to find property to let. She has been educating people, raising awareness and working on solutions to this problem ever since. Lisa is the host of the Supported Living Property Podcast and YouTube channel and formed The Supported Living Property Facebook Group. Lisa is founder of The Supported Living Property Network, a place for property investors and supported living providers to connect, build relationships and communicate about property they have available and/or need. Membership includes access to training courses, monthly training events and networking events.

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