In this episode Sian Wilson talks about the housing needs of people with autism, she shares insights from her extensive career supporting children and young people with autism to help you. She explains a range of sensory issues in property that you may not have considered before and gives some advice about how to move forward.

Sian Wilson has been working as a Highly Specialist Paediatric Occupational Therapist for over 30 years in NHS, Education, Charities and she is also the founder of Milestones Paediatric OT service: her clinical specialism is Autistic Spectrum Condition.

She is also the founder of Home Sweet Home Property. She has been a landlady for 20 years and is currently expanding her property portfolio. Sian is also the Property Investor Network Host for the monthly Swansea meeting.

Throughout her career Sian has seen first hand, and researched, the impact that environment has on mental and physical health, development and learning. She is passionate about adapting space and community support networks to enable independence and quality of life for people with physical and learning challenges. Sian focuses on quality, high standard, functional well-being spaces and homes for long term tenants, that also give great return on investment.

Bringing both her passions of property investing and occupational therapy she is expanding her training and coaching program to include 'What property investors need to know about housing for autistic people'

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Lisa Brown became a property investor after a long nursing career. She initially developed heritage properties and then a chance encounter led her to discover supported living. She realized this was a powerful way to invest in property while creating homes for people with a support need.

Lisa set about discovering why property investors struggle to let their properties to supported living providers and why providers struggle to find property to let. She has been educating people, raising awareness and working on solutions to this problem ever since. Lisa is the host of the Supported Living Property Podcast and YouTube channel and formed The Supported Living Property Facebook Group. 

Lisa is founder of The Supported Living Property Network, a place for property investors and supported living providers to connect, build relationships and communicate about property they have available and/or need. Membership includes access to training courses, monthly training events and networking events and access to The Supported Living Property Network Conference.

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