In this episode, I am delighted to welcome Janette Spiering, who is the founder of the Dementia Village in the Netherlands. Janette shares how she bought her vision to life, the challenges she had and the impact this revolutionary way of supporting people with dementia has had on individuals but also on the way people with dementia are supported worldwide. I ask her if this model be used for people with other support needs, listen to hear her thoughts.

Jannette Spiering is founder of the Hogewey vision on care for people living with dementia and founder of The
Hogeweyk® , world’s first “dementia-village”. Jannette has been working in care since 1982 and has almost 40
years of experience in operational, tactic and strategic management.

Jannette focusses particularly on the elderly care & dementia care sector and community-based aged care.
Keywords she uses are: de-institutionalization, transformation and normalization of the current and established vision of elderly care.
She is a strong advocate for humanizing care and calls for a radical change, a paradigm shift, from the prevailing medical model to a social approach to ageing and dementia.

Lisa Brown became a property investor after a long nursing career. She initially developed heritage properties and then a chance encounter led her to discover supported living. She realized this was a powerful way to invest in property while creating homes for people with a support need.  


Lisa set about discovering why property investors struggle to let their properties to supported living providers and why providers struggle to find property to let. She has been educating people, raising awareness and working on solutions to this problem ever since. Lisa is the host of the Supported Living Property Podcast and YouTube channel and formed The Supported Living Property Facebook Group.  


Lisa is founder of The Supported Living Property Network, a place for property investors and supported living providers to connect, build relationships and communicate about property they have available and/or need. Membership includes access to training courses, monthly training events and networking events and access to The Supported Living Property Network Conference.  


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